Pain Management

Living with chronic pain can be extremely difficult. It’s why many turn to prescription drug medication for relief. Many of these of pain medications including OxyCodone and Vicodin contain opiates. When prescribed by a physician and taken correctly, the medications are safe and effective. However opiates can become extremely addictive. When the use of opiate pain medication is increased, so are the tolerance levels. This can lead to the risk of a deadly overdose.

 The abuse of prescription pain medication is one of the fastest growing forms of drug abuse.  To combat this problem, Drug Rehab Center New Brunswick has developed a comprehensive pain management program. The program includes a series of activities designed to challenge addicts both mentally and physically. Among the activities are a vigorous exercise program, yoga, acupuncture and art classes. While these activities may sound fun, it’s hard work. Completing successful rehab requires a full commitment and focus from the patient.

 If you or someone you know has developed an addiction to prescription opiate pain pills, Drug Rehab Center New Brunswick encourages you to seek help at a qualified rehab facility.  To learn more about the drug addiction and pain management programs available at Drug Rehab Center New Brunswick, call (732) 993-4660 or email today.


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